El equipo

Martin Adlung


Martin has been driving ICT related topics for the last 20 years in various capacities and has built a breadth of experience that helps him focus on delivering valuable business outcomes. He started his career in the management consulting division of Siemens Business Services in Germany as well as Siemens Spain. Before becoming a co-founder and CEO of GrayHats in early 2017 he had already spent a number of years delivering public and hybrid cloud transformation projects as well as numerous modernisation projects in the Middle East across various industry sectors. He holds an MBA from Henley Business School and is an active member of Henley´s international alumni board.

Javier Jiménez


Javier is the original founder back in 2013 and technological brain behind Grayhats. With more than 20 years of experience in the information security and regulatory compliance sector, he pioneered the adoption of cloud technologies as a way to improve security, performance and stability in information systems. As a cloud evangelist in Spain he not only promotes secure cloud solutions but continuously develops new ideas for our clients enabling them to benefit from technology and to stay ahead of their competitors. He has a vast experience in digital transformation projects throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and USA . He is also an expert in Public Sector clients.